Conditions - Eixampleflats

The EixampleFlats apartments are furnished (with possibility to customize them) and equipped.

Minimum stay of 3 months but with the possibility to extend it.

Price from: 1340 €/month

Security deposit: 2500,00 euros.

10% contract cost that includes the payment of the ITP tax by the tenant, presentation of the tax module in his name, etc (we take care of the bureaucracy and free the client of any procedure).

All legal documents are drew up by EixampleFlats. We manage any incident and/or technical problem which could occur in your apartment during your stay.

Extra charges not included: water and electricity consumption.

Water and Electricity consumption are not included in the monthly rental price and will be 2,00 euro per person per day (refund pro-rata).

These payments will be regularized at the end of the contract with the reading of the meters.

Cleaning fee: 90 € + vat (final cleaning).

Ease way of payment

All your payments could be made as you prefer:

  • Bank transfer (free of charge)
  • Credit card (fees 2,2%)

Bike rental will be provided at moderate price: not yet available.